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Discover the Add-on Profit Potential of Lash Tinting & Perming!

While lash tinting and perming is a service that is not offered by many salons, it can be a real money-maker for those that do offer it.
Here’s why:

Lash tinting is a practical alternative to mascara – especially for athletes and active individuals as it eliminates smudging while giving lashes a thicker, longer appearance.

Lash tinting and performing is also:

  • Quick and easy to perform once you know the basics!
  • Literally only costs you a few cents per service!

Plus, now thanks to our online Lash Tinting & Perming Course learning how to perform this profitable service is faster and less expensive than ever before.

Sign up for this course today and you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of home how to perform this service like a pro.

You’ll receive instruction via streaming video and training manual. With the videos and you’ll be able to stop, rewind and play important parts again to ensure that you know how to do each step of the process.

Subjects covered in this course:

Together with the use of the “E-BOOK TRAINING MANUAL” this video instruction will cover:

  • Contra-indications
  • Hygiene and sterilization
  • Products and equipment needed
  • Work area set up
  • How to mix and apply colour to both lashes and brows
  • How to properly remove colour so eyes are not left stinging
  • How to apply perm rods
  • How to apply lashes to perm rods so that they perm straight and not crinkled
  • How to apply perm solution and neutralizer so as eyes do not sting
  • How to easily remove solution and rods without damaging eyelashes

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